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well... I'm back after a really long time... but I'm back.

Today's post is very straight forward. I'll share a link with you guys that prophesies that the world will come to an end and also describes the way it will come to an end....

Hey Hey wait... don run away... Its an animated thing and is pretty hilarious..

here it is!!

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I was dormant for all these days. I felt the need to be active.. so here is the story.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to write Maths exam and I dunno 
anything. Someone sent an sms saying that, "rockets and us are very similar. We dont work till our ass is on fire." That did make sense, but certainly not good enough to give me a boost.

I was nowhere closer to the apogee of the syllabus but never 
thought of giving up. Uncle jegan had come home. He and my dad were going to go somewhere for a conference. Uncle jegan had got me 3 novels by Chetan Bhagat which I value a lot. I love them.

I thought of a very cool strategy while studying. After every 1 hour of studying I watched this sexy video and it gave me so much power that the thought of giving up didn't even come to my mind.

I studied for 7 hours continuously and was lost in thoughts 
after that. I dreamt and I dreamt the most impossible. I dreamt of becoming a successful technical genius who would program an anti-virus which would gain permanent immunity aginst a particular[any] virus and after being attcked by it. Then I would sell each copy of it for a staggering billion dollar. I dunno whether it made sense or not, but I did dream of it. The dream had not ceased.. it showed that, the technical genius of mine would eventually lead me to Princeton and I would be a lecturer there and then i would marry a girl named, Katherine or Kate[I don't remember what the actual name was, but something of that sort].

After an hour or two I gained consciousness and then I went 
back to cramming the formulae being used in the sums of lesser mortals.

Do you think I'm a genius in the making???


i had 3 days time to consummate the physics syllabus which was tested in the just-over physics exam. Fate had deprived me of time to such an extent that i could not regret the decision of wasting two out of the three days. All I could do was to study till the last minute... how much ever I could do... pressure was immense as I had to study 1229 pages of the text book... I wanted the plan to work out and urged to expedite the process.

I studied and i studied and i studied... current electricity, DC circuits, induction, AC current , electromagnetism... so on and so forth... thetas , alphas, gammas, ohms and volts created a big hodgepodge.

At the end of the third day I realized, I had finished only 10 chapters out of 40... what do I do???? I dunno.. I had no idea at all...... give up??? no.. last time I flunked physics... not this time. so i worked... I didn't sleep.. pages turned... brain worked...bloody motor neurons suggested the spinal cord to go to a 180 degrees position[lie down]...  eyelids felt heavy...
I slept at 2 in the morning and got pat 4.... 4 to 10 I studied and bla bla.. and finally reached the battlefield.. exam hall.

I saw the paper and It wasn't that bad as I anticipated... I think I'll pass.

Looks like I have unloaded a 1299 pages burden off my back.


exams goin on... we had physics practical exam today... aftermath of it.. slumber agitation... studying Macbeth now.. to satisfy my remembrance more strongly I shall write the important stuff ...  boring post noo??? wat to do ... exams goin on... please don't mar my spirit..


okay day.

Day commenced with hot black coffee put in a cute little red Nescafe mug. Sudden stimulus and pages of physics textbook turned... interference, diffraction, youngs double slit..what not.

new blog.. new vision .. so heavy duty promotion I was involved with.. blogcatalog, orkut, facebook and other sidekicks.... I dont wanna stdy anymore... I would like to remain a half-baked clay...

cellphone was switched off for the whole day... petty sure that many people tried to call.. all in vain. Blasphemy!!!!

and yeah... tom my parents' marriage anniversary... got a brand new wallet for ma dad and some cosmetic for ma mom... first time giving something to them on the ocassion of anniversary... feeling kinda man... I have grown up!



a complete wet day altogether.. gloomy weather and all. Jinesh, ma friend did come to my house to study Biology[exam nearing].. pressure is immense.. and we couldn't study a single page... thanks to our togetherness.

My mother was lazy. She could not get my calculator battery replaced. I'm soooo dead... adding to my pre-existing troubles , was power cut through out the day. I cant live without electricity.

And yeah....this picture on top was captured by me. I chose that picture, as the theme for my post was WETNESS.


You know ppl I have had lots of blog before and had to delete all of them due to some fault of mine. they didn't work out.. Now I have fresh vision. I want to build my new personal blog. Writing a blog had always been arduous and now I want to be better..

here is my new blog.. freaky fryday.. straight from my heart..!